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A logo is part of the company’s trademark. Names and logos are usually the first visitor to come into contact with when they meet your business. The logo is identity-bearing and plays a key role in marketing your business. Your business gets a clear identity and signature with a unique logo. It is therefore important that your company has a clear and clear logo that is professionally designed.

New Logos

We can design your logo from the bottom if you do not have an existing one.


If you have a logo you would like to use as a starting point, then we can brush it up.

Product Logo

We can make everything from brochures to packaging for your physical products.

Logo Analyst

We can analyze your existing logo and find innovative solutions to rebrand it.


Taristo offer a variety of different analysis that allow you to base your digital marketing strategy on facts about your business and how it is perceived online. We help you better understand your customers, your ticketing and market. Our analysis and advice provide you with tangible facts that allow you to develop and improve your digital marketing strategy, website and social media.

Google Analytics

We are experts in Analytics, as well as retrieving data from your website and market.

Market Analysis

We can collect all the data you (or we) need to start the competition with the largest players in your market.

User Analysis

Using modern user analysis tools, we can optimize the conversion of your website.

Index Analysis

We can help you find the right keywords for the right focus on your site.


Search engine optimization is simply the tool for getting better online – more specifically in Google. Search engine optimization is usually a forgotten tool by many. There is a difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The last is about Google AdWords and how you can pay for Google to place your website higher up in Google’s search results. We remove the dust from this tool and show you why it is the most powerful tool available on the Internet today.

Precision Targeting

We do not waste your time. We find the keywords that have the highest conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

We search engine optimizes your website to get the highest ranking for your keywords.

On Top

We are heading the way to the top of your website. The higher in Google, the more customers.

Long Experience

We have many years of experience in our field of expertise and guarantee you results.


Web development is a comprehensive term, ranging from developing a simple internet page with text to complex online applications, corporate solutions and social networks. Taristo develop both web sites, online stores and intranets. This means that we can offer complete online solutions, while we are happy to improve your existing items individually, if desired.

New Internet Sites

We can help develop your website from scratch if you do not already have one. We have the foremost designers and developers at Taristo.

Mobile Future

All our web sites are responsive to smartphones and tablet users. Nearly 50% of all Internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, and you need to be ready.

New Internet Sites

Is your website very old and converts very badly? We can upgrade it with the latest and latest technologies.

Trade Portal

We are experts in building e-commerce websites. We will use framework like WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento to build your trading portal.

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